Model a Polygonal ELEPHANT 
For this tutorial you need a good Knowledge of the Maya Tools:
Level: Intermediate
Windows/ Rendering editor/ Multilister
Choose Cameras
Options: Environment
  -Image Plane/ Create
  -Image Name: opens image
-Display: Looking through camera
Go to side view:
Polygon/ Create Polygon Tool

Trace the picture (Animalís profile)
Trace only one set of legs
Press Enter to close the shape
Edit Polygon/ Split Polygon Tool:
 -Split in half horizontal 

-Split vertical everywhere

Go to perspective view
Go vertex mode
Start pulling/ pushing vertices
Do not move the outline! (for mirror action later)



In the HyperShade create a Lambert Material 
Retouch the Profile Texture in Photoshop to get only skin
Assign texture to model

Go face mode to adjust mapping select all faces 
Edit polygons/ Texture/ Planar mapping
Move the handles to adjust mapping
Now you have a Low Polygon Elephant
Use the Polygon/Mirror Geometry to duplicate the other half

Use the Merge Edges tool and wireframe mode to connect both sides.

Use Polygon/Smooth to smooth out your model
Put some lights in, Render!

That's it! You're done!!!

Good Luck.


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