1: Select View/Viewport Background

2: In the hotbox, choose a file (better as a profile).

3: Choose Create/Shapes/Line.

4: Use the the view with the picture to trace an outline of the dino (leave the legs and arms for later).

1: with your dino shape selected Choose: Modify

2: You can choose Edit spline or stay with the "editable spline".
Enter Sub-Object Menu and Choose Vertex mode.


3:You can now select vertices on your shape and right click your mouse to select Bezier.
Edit the green handles to ajust your shape.
Connect vertices using the "Create Line" in Sub-Object menu (scroll down).
Create a "Grid" from the outline, make sure that each patch is made out of only 3 or 4 vertices. (Or else you won't be able to make a surface out of it).
Work your spline wireframe in all 4 views to give it a 3rd dimension.
1/2: Get the "Surface" Modifier in "More"

3: If an area doesn't show a surface it means that you have more than 4 vertices to form a patch, so it stays open.
You may need to flip the Normals.
Play with the Patch Topology to lower the #of steps and simplify your shape.

Use the same steps to add the legs/arms.

When you like one side, duplicate and mirror it to the other side and Attach Spline.

Use Fuse and Weld to connect vertices together.

Add your texture.
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